"Do anything, but let it produce joy!" - Walt Whitman

I can just repeat that one little sentence in my head constantly. It seems so simple: do anything, but let it produce joy. It seems impossible to always ask yourself this question when making a decision: will this create joy for me and those around me? Over the years, I realized I could not only make myself happy with my biggest passion in life, but also others. I found out my way of bringing 'joy to the world' in tiny steps, which is through food.

Unfortunately, cooking is not something I can do constantly. I am only a foodie by night, because I am a Religious Studies and American History student by day. I do really have a passion for both cooking/baking and my academic education, so I am continuously trying to find a balance between the two. Luckily, we all need food - so cooking is not only a hobby, but also a necessity!

The reason Veggies & Vanilla is what it is today, is first of all because I would like to help people in making more sustainable choices in their daily diet. Personally, I am not vegetarian/vegan anymore: I eat white meat (chicken/turkey) and fish sometimes. However, I believe many people eat aggressive amounts of meat and fish, which I hope will change some time soon. One person at a time is enough, because every change can make a difference on some level. Meat and fish are some of the most unsustainable products you can get your hands on when it comes to cooking, and I do believe our environment is deteriorating every day. The energy that is put into mass production of animal protein is extremely extensive; from feeding the animals, to transporting them, to packing the meat and keeping it fresh.

Another reason I like to promote vegetarianism, is because people are generally living so unhealthy nowadays that I think promoting healthier food is the least I can do. Eating less meat and more vegetables would make such a change in the lives of so many people. By showing them that healthy food can be delicious too, I hope they will start incorporating these dishes into their diets. I should, however, clarify that not all recipes on Veggies & Vanilla are healthy: we all need a little treat sometimes.

On another note, I know there are many diets out there, and I know that the great majority of my followers already are protagonists of a healthier lifestyle. Therefore, the tabs on my website are divided into the main diets I see today: vegan, paleo, raw, and gluten-free. I have also added the option for seasonable food (which again is more sustainable) and food that is less expensive to make for when you are living on a budget.

In a nutshell, this all comes back to one thing: me trying to bring joy to the world and the people around me. Taking care of the environment through small steps, trying to get people to eat healthier food, and at the same time still showing that healthy can be delicious!

Be inspired to live happy and healthy! I hope to improve lives step by step, and I wish yours to be one of them!



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