Recipe 66: Breakfast Banana-Beetroot Ice Cream

Ice cream is for summer? HA. Didn't think so. Seriously, ice cream for breakfast is one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. I will be in bed, figuring out if there is any reason to go through so much trouble while I could just stay in bed all day, but then I realize there will be ice cream, and I will have left the warmth of my bed within no time.
You know my style by now, though: ice cream will have to be super healthy ice cream with as many nutrients in it as possible. And this one definitely works! It's a combination of banana-vanilla and banana-beetroot ice cream, topped with flax seeds, cacao nibs, mixed seeds, and goji berries. Perfect for that little energy kick you need in the morning.
  • Banana - 2 pieces
  • Vanilla, extract or bean seeds - 1/4 tsp
  • Beetroot, raw - 1/2 piece, medium sized
  • Flax seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Cacao nibs - 1 tbsp
  • Mixed seeds - 1 tbsp
  • Goji berries (or a superfood berry mix) - 1 tbsp
  1. Slice up your bananas, put into a ziplog bag, and freeze overnight or for at least a couple of hours. The slices need to be completely frozen.
  2. Mix the banana slices with some the vanilla in a food processor until smooth. You will mainly have to do this with pulses, and it could take a while.
  3. Take out half of the mixture and put into a bowl or glass. To the remaning mixture, add the half raw beetroot, peeled and cut up. Pulse until smooth again, and put on top of the other ice cream.
  4. Top this off with your favorite toppings. I have used the ones that are enlisted in the Ingredients section, but you can use whatever you like! Actually, toppings are not even necessary, you could eat this without, but then it will not be enough for breakfast. It would also make for an awesome snack though!
If you feel like something more chocolate-y, you could also go for this recipe. It is the same, except this one has raw cocoa powder in it.




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