Recipe 62: Early Autumn Salad

The trees are changing color, cardigans are becoming part of daily life again, and the shops are starting to turn their backs on summer collections while reintroducing their merchandise for the new season... Autumn! If you know me personally, you know that autumn is my favorite season of all. I practically live for autumn. If you do not know me personally - you will find out how obsessed I am with autumn over the next few weeks as I will be obsessed with autumn flavors as well.
First up: an early autumn salad! It is theoretically not autumn yet, but I feel that it is very close. The squares in town are already sprinkled with orange leafs which have fallen off the trees, and the view from my apartment shows how nature is starting to color up. This salad is perfect to still have some sense of summer in it, but at the time it gives you a very good, home-y feeling.
Even more important: this salad is extremely healthy! There are veggies and fruit of course, but the seeds, beans, and yogurt give it a great protein and healthy fats boost as well!
- Lettuce, shredded - 1 cup
- Kidney beans, red, canned (or any kind you like) - 1/4 cup
- Nectarine, ripe - 1 piece
- Cherry tomatoes - 4 pieces
- Seed mix, I used omega mix - 1 tbsp
- Yogurt, Greek or non-dairy - 2 tbsp
- Salt
- Pepper
- Lemon juice
- Cumin, ground (optional)
The seed mix I used is called Omega Mix, and mostly exists of pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, and three other kinds. Also, I used cumin because I am obsessed with this spice - but add whatever you want. It does give the salad a little extra kick and warmth, which I love.

  1. Prepare everything: shred the lettuce, rinse the beans, cut up the nectarine, and half the cherry tomatoes. Mix all of these up, and put into a bowl.
  2. In a separate bowl, mix the yogurt with a pinch of salt, pepper, and cumin (or other spice), and add a bit of lemon juice. Fresh is always better, but it is not necessary in this recipe.
  3. Top the salad with the yogurt dressing, and then top with the seed mix.
Et voilà, you are done! This is such a quick and easy dish, yet so very good for you! It tastes amazing, I am absolutely in love with it. 

To those of you who love summer; enjoy the last few days of it! For those of you who prefer the months to come, cause I know I will!



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