Recipe 59: Strawberry Banana Sorbet

Good morning, lovelies! I woke up to the sun this morning, and it felt lovely. Now, of course it is summer so it should be no surprise that I woke up to the sun, but this morning was particularly nice. I forgot to close my curtains entirely, and the sunlight woke me before my alarm clock could. I decided to start my day healthy and summery: by having a fruit sorbet for breakfast! I stack boxes full of berries in my freezer, so I can have nice fruit in my smoothies every morning. Today I decided to do it a bit differently.
  • Banana, ripe - 1 small piece
  • Strawberries, frozen - 7.5 ounces
  1. Put both ingredients in a food processor, and blend until fully combined and smooth. The ice cream becomes quite soft in this process, so you can put it back into the freezer until firm if you want to.
I like my ice cream soft, so I immediately ate this sorbet! I topped it with some mint to give it a fresher look, but this is all there is to it! By using a ripe banana, there is no need to add any sweetener. You could, however, do so if you prefer.

Have an amazing weekend, and enjoy this if you make it!



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