Hi there, lovely readers!

For the first time, I am writing an article without sharing a recipe with you, though of course I will be talking about food. I want to share one of my decisions with you, which will in face influence the blog and the recipes I will share with you.

What have I experienced?
Months ago, back in January, I found out that I was intolerant of animal protein; meat and fish (which I was not eating anyway because I was vegetarian already), eggs, milk, cheese, etc. I would become nauseous when consuming any of those, or I would get stomach cramps. I got a rash on several occasions, and my skin got terrible. However, I never stopped eating it completely. I would say I was still 97 percent vegan, but sometimes it was just not feasible. Now when I eat cheese, for example, it actually stimulates my digestive system, it improves my skin, and it makes me more energetic. For a while I wondered if this was truly a result of the animal protein I would consume, but after trying out several times I can only conclude that it was. My intolerance of animal protein has faded away. 

What does this mean for the blog?
This means that I will be going back to vegetarian. I thought about keeping the blog vegan because I know that many of my followers are strictly vegan, but I realized that I would not be sharing what I love to share. I would prepare much wonderful food without being able to teach the world how to enjoy such food too. Of course I will not change my diet drastically because of the influence that would have on my body, but I will be focusing on healthy food in several sections: vegetarian, vegan, raw, paleo, and gluten-free. I also plan on working with more local, organic, and seasonable products.

Looking forward to the experimenting, and I hope you will understand.



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