Recipe 35: Pizza-Flavored Toast

I would not dare calling this a pizza, because a pizza without cheese is just not a pizza, but I still have not found any good vegan cheese around my town. The only kind I could find was vegan cheddar at my local organic store, and I dislike that sort of cheese to the max. So instead, I am just going to announce the recipe this way: pizza-flavored toast!

Because of the lack of cheese, the 'pizza' gets really crunchy, and it turns into an amazing snack! It could also be a meal, if you decide to eat the whole thing by yourself. Of course you could also add (vegan) cheese after you spread the tomato cheese over the dough, and it will be a foolproof pizza for sure. This version, so cheeseless, is such a lovely thing to eat while crawling up on your couch and watching a movie. Not only does it taste really good, it is also all-natural and healthy.

What do you need?
As noted in the bread dough recipe; it makes around four pieces of bread and can be stored in the fridge for up to a week. I like bread, but I always look for different things to do with the dough. This is one of them! So the next time you are making bread, keep part of it (about 1/8) for this snack!

 How to make it?

  • Put a baking tray in the oven and preheat to around 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C.
  • Roll out the dough using a floured surface. Fold the sides of it to form the outer crust.
  • Spread over tomato sauce, then the basil or spinach, sliced onion, and herbs. Then sprinkle some olive oil over the middle part, and brush some over the crust. This is what will make it nice and crunchy.
  • Bake pizza for 18-22 minutes, until it is nice and crunchy.




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  1. Wow that looks do good, thanks for posting this recipe.