Recipe 28: Chocolate Strawberries

Chocolate strawberries are of course the perfect 'healthy' spring treats. This sweet red fruit is almost in season, and I cannot wait to make more recipes with it! I just bought my first ones of the year, together with an extra dark vegan chocolate bar. I know this is almost too easy, but I had to share!
What do you need?

  • Strawberries - 6 medium/large
  • Chocolate, extra dark, vegan - 1/2 medium sized bar
  • Coconut oil - 1 tsp (optional)

How to make it?
  1. Cut up your chocolate bar, and melt very carefully together with the coconut oil. This will make it thinner, but if you think just the chocolate will be thin enough, you can leave it out. If you are okay with microwaves, you can melt it there; put it in 20 seconds, stir, and repeat until almost completely melted. If you do it au bain marie, make sure the bowl you melt it in does not touch the water. Also, take it off before the chocolate is completely melted, and keep stirring. You do not want to burn the chocolate.
  2. Let the chocolate cool off a little, and wash the strawberries. Make sure you dry them very well with a paper towel afterwards, otherwise the chocolate will not stick, or even split when it touches the water.
  3. Cover the strawberries in chocolate by dipping them, or by using a spoon/spatula. Then put them in the fridge for at least 20 minutes, on a baking sheet or aluminium foil. It WILL stick to your plate.
  4. Serve on a plate. I had enough chocolate to also make the plate look better, but this is absolutely not necessary.
Enjoy this lovely little treat! 



2 reacties:

  1. Debs, your strawberries all covered in delicious dark chocolate look pretty darn wonderful to me - what a perfect springtime treat indeed!
    How is life treating you in Middleburg - hopefully the weather has been as nice there as it has been here - tons of sunshine and warm wheather.
    We visited the DILLE KAMILLE store in Antwerp last week - so many cute things for Easter - I always regret not having a DK nearby but it is all the more fun to visit and shop there when we do go to one in the Netherlands or Belgium.
    Hope you are enjoying a lovely Sunday and greetings from Bonn,

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Life here is treating me very well! I am glad you are enjoying the weather too. I was also in Antwerp last week, but haven't seen Dille and Kamille there! Did you buy anything? I still enjoy looking at your blog, I hope you keep going! Enjoy your week :)