Technique 1: Cutting Pumpkin

Who of us has not gone through the struggle of cutting up a pumpkin? I am guessing the majority has, like me. I love using pumpkins in my cooking because they are such rich, creamy vegetables. They are already a tad out of season now, but I would still love you how to properly cut up a pumpkin, to use it in soups, pies, purees, or other dishes

What do you need?
  • Cutting board
  • Bowl
  • Sharp, large knife
  • Sharp, small knife or very strong peeler
  • Spoon
How to make it
  1. First, remove the knob on top, and cut the pumpkin in half. This makes peeling it and cutting it much easier, and it gives you more grip on the vegetable while you are dealing with it.
  2. Then remove the seeds of the pumpkin with a spoon. You can keep these seeds to dry and roast them, so you can eat them later. They are a great source for protein. You do not, however, usually need them for pumpkin dishes themselves.
  3. Now it is time to peel them. Some people prefer cutting them in strips first, but I honestly think it is easier to peel them while they still hold their round shape. You can do this using a strong peeler or a good sharp knife. I do not have a peeler, so I used the latter.
  4. All there is left to do at this point is cutting the pumpkin into pieces! It depends on the dish which size you cut the pumpkin into, but as I used it to make a soup, I cut it into rather small cubes.

Do not be afraid to contact me if you are still unsure of something!



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