Recipe 7: Winter Salad with Roquefort Toast and Clementine

I honestly enjoy designing my own dishes and being inventive, and I truly made myself proud today. I wanted to create the perfect January lunch, and I am convinced that I succeeded.

I chose to use Roquefort cheese as the vegetarian basis for my lunch, because I love the sharpness of this traditional French cheese, and it is very easy to purchase here in Southern France - though I am sure any supermarket in the modern world sells it. The sharpness of Roquefort is lovely, but combining it with something sweet makes it even much better. I adore the combination of blue cheese and home made cherry jam, but I wanted to go for something a little more healthy and seasonal today: clementines! Clementines are certainly the seasonal fruit in January, as you will be able to find them in any supermarket and organic vegetable store. I was lucky enough to get hold of some incredibly firm but juicy, organic Spanish clementines, which created the loveliest taste/texture combination imaginable. Let's start cooking!

What do you need?

  • Toasted bread (I used home made, freshly baked - but you can obviously use any bread you like)
  • Roquefort
  • Clementine: 1 big one, or 2 small ones
  • Lettuce
  • 1 Tomato
  • Cashew nuts
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Lemon juice
How to make it?
  1. Cut of a good slice of bread. Make sure it is not too perfectly done, because you want it to look rustic when it is toasted. Another thing you want to make sure, is that it is quite thick, because otherwise the bread will fall apart when you take it out of the pan. Put the bread into a hot steel pan, but do not grease it.
  2. While keeping an eye on the bread, you can start cutting up vegetables for the side salad. I bought young lettuce leaves that were pre-cut, so I only had to prepare the tomatoes and clementine. Remove the core and seeds of the tomatoes, and cut the flesh into thin slices. Cut  half the clementine into little cubes.
  3. Now put all ingredients for the salad into one bowl. Start with the lettuce, then add tomato slices, clementine cubes, and cashew nuts. Sprinkle over some lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil. You can add salt to this as well, but my salad was salted enough by the roasted cashew nuts.
  4. Once yous bread is nicely brown on both sides, cut it into rough slices. Smear some Roquefort cheese over it, and add the remaining whole clementine slices to the plate. This is not just for presentation, but also to eat with the Roquefort toast.
  5. It is all as simple as that! This is the perfect fresh lunch dish to eat on a sunny winter day, but you can eat it whenever you want!



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