Recipe 16: Clementine-Banana Smoothie with Vanilla Soy Milk

Getting tired of my smoothie recipes yet? I hope not, because I love them, and I will keep sharing them with you regardless - though I will continue loving you even if you do not enjoy smoothies. I won't judge. The smoothie I will be sharing with you today is one that I made as breakfast before painting my room. I have had this horrible dark red wall since I moved into my little student apartment, and I have never had any time to paint it white (which definitely is my favorite color - do not tell me it is not a color), so I have had a friend here for a couple days who helped me out.

Before I share this recipe with you, I do want to warn you: you should sift this smoothie. It is made with clementines, and you will get thick pieces of 'clementine skin' (I do not know how else to call it) if you do not. I did not do this, and let me tell you; there will not be a lot of smooth in this smoothie if you follow my example. The taste was amazing, though, so enjoy!
What do you need?
  • Banana - 1
  • Clementines - 4
  • Vanilla soy milk, or a raw milk with vanilla seeds - 3/4 to 1 cup
 How to make it?
  1. Put into the blender, mix, sift, serve, enjoy!


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